Kitchen Wall Mounted Trash Can with Lid – No More Odors!

Introducing the StoneSpace Under Sink Compost Bin, your secret weapon against kitchen odors, fruit flies, and clutter. This 3.2-gallon (12L) Kitchen Wall Mounted Trash Can is designed to keep your kitchen smelling fresh and your space organized. With innovative features and multiple installation options, it’s a versatile solution for any home. Say goodbye to unsightly trash cans and hello to a cleaner, more efficient kitchen.

Are you tired of dealing with pesky fruit flies and foul odors in your kitchen? The StoneSpace Under Sink Compost Bin is here to put an end to those problems. Our compost bucket is specially designed to be fruit fly-free, eliminating the need for expensive charcoal filters. The sealed lid keeps odors at bay, ensuring your kitchen smells fresh and clean.

Product Features:

  1. NO Fruit Flies Compost Bucket: Say goodbye to fruit flies, charcoal filter costs, and unpleasant odors. Our indoor compost bin is engineered to be fruit fly-free, providing you with a hassle-free composting experience. The sealed lid ensures that no odors escape, keeping your kitchen smelling fresh.
  2. Two Installation Options: This versatile kitchen trash bin offers two convenient installation options. You can easily hang it on the cupboard door using the included mount accessory, making it a perfect under-sink solution. Alternatively, you can mount it on the wall using adhesive tape, freeing up valuable countertop space. Whether you choose to use it as an under-sink kitchen trash can or a wall-mounted trash can, it’s designed for easy access and convenience.
  3. Multiple Uses Trash Bin: Our small trash can with a lid is not limited to composting. It works seamlessly with reusable grocery bags and is suitable for various spaces, including the bathroom, kitchen, RV, laundry room, and more. This space-saving and environmentally friendly garbage can adapts to your needs, wherever you choose to place it.
  4. Top Quality: Crafted with precision, this Kitchen Wall Mounted Trash Can measures 6.5″ x 10″ x 11.5″ and boasts a generous 12L/3.2-gallon capacity. Made from sturdy and non-toxic plastic, it’s built to withstand daily use, whether indoors or outdoors. Cleaning is a breeze; simply wipe it down with soap and water to maintain its pristine appearance.
  5. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We take pride in the superior quality of our trash cans. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we stand by the durability and functionality of our product. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction.


  • Enjoy a fruit fly-free kitchen with no ongoing charcoal filter expenses.
  • Maximize your kitchen space with flexible installation options.
  • Reduce waste and contribute to a greener environment with easy composting.
  • High-quality, non-toxic materials ensure long-lasting durability.
  • Confidence in your purchase with our satisfaction guarantee.


Upgrade your kitchen with the StoneSpace Under Sink Compost Bin – the Kitchen Wall Mounted Trash Can that offers a clean, odor-free, and organized solution for your home. Say goodbye to fruit flies, odors, and clutter, and say hello to a more efficient and enjoyable kitchen experience. With easy installation, versatile use, and top-notch quality, this trash can is a must-have addition to your kitchen. Experience the difference today and make the smart choice for a cleaner, more sustainable home. If you’re not satisfied, remember, we’re just a message away to ensure your happiness with your purchase.