Efficient Magnetic Window Cleaner for Sparkling Glass

Introducing the KOKITEA Magnetic Window Cleaner, your new best friend for effortlessly clean and sparkling windows. This innovative window cleaning tool is designed to make your life easier, safer, and more cost-effective. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional window cleaning methods and the need for professional help. With its adjustable magnetic strength, double-sided cleaning power, and a range of convenient features, this window cleaner is here to revolutionize the way you clean your windows.

Are you tired of struggling with dirty windows, especially those hard-to-reach ones on high-rise buildings? The KOKITEA Double-Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner is the solution you’ve been looking for. Designed for both efficiency and safety, this window cleaner features a unique triangular design that reduces friction, making your hands feel comfortable and free from fatigue during cleaning.

Product Features:

Save Money and Effort: With our magnetic window cleaner, you can bid farewell to costly professional cleaning services and the need to buy multiple cleaning tools for different glass thicknesses. The magnetic strength is adjustable to suit your needs, allowing you to clean windows of varying thicknesses effortlessly. Save both time and money by taking control of your window cleaning routine.

Enhanced Safety: Cleaning high-rise windows can be risky, but not with our magnetic window cleaner. Its powerful magnet securely locks the two cleaning sides together, enabling you to clean even the narrowest areas without leaving any corners untouched. This feature is especially valuable for those who want to clean tall windows without the risk of standing at the edge.

Improved Cleaning Efficiency: This magnetic window cleaner boasts 6 large sponges with water storage, eliminating the need for constant water refills, and making your cleaning routine more convenient. Compared to other window cleaners, our innovative design improves cleaning efficiency by over 60%, ensuring a streak-free, spotless shine on your glass. The absorbent sponge cloth can be easily replaced, extending the lifespan of your window cleaner.

Ideal for Double Glazed Windows: Our magnetic window cleaner is tailored for windows with thicknesses ranging from 0.3″ to 1″. For double-layered ultra-thick glass beyond 1″, we offer a 0.3″-1.5″ magnetic version to meet your specific needs. Rest assured, if you have any questions or concerns, our responsive customer support team is ready to provide you with a prompt and satisfactory solution.

Bonus Gift: As a token of our appreciation for choosing the KOKITEA Double-Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner, we’re including a surprise gift with your purchase. You’ll receive 6 scouring pads, 2 rubber strips, and 10 buckles, valued at $11.99 in total. These accessories are designed to prolong the life of your magnetic window cleaner by replacing the scouring pads and wiper rubber strips as needed, ensuring consistently impressive cleaning results.


  • Clean windows faster and more efficiently, saving you time and money.
  • Enjoy safer high-rise window cleaning with the powerful magnet lock.
  • Reduce hand fatigue with the ergonomic triangular design.
  • Improve cleaning efficiency with 6 large sponges and water storage.
  • Access responsive customer support for any questions or issues.
  • Receive valuable bonus gifts to enhance the longevity of your window cleaner.


The KOKITEA Double-Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner is your ticket to pristine, streak-free windows without the hassle. Say goodbye to the expense of professional cleaners and the inconvenience of traditional cleaning methods. With adjustable magnetic strength, enhanced safety features, and improved cleaning efficiency, this window cleaner is designed with your convenience in mind. Plus, with the bonus accessories included, you’ll enjoy long-lasting, effective cleaning performance. Upgrade your window cleaning routine today with KOKITEA, and experience the transformation of your windows like never before!