Premium Adhesive Weather Stripping Seal Strip for Doors and Windows

Experience comfort and energy efficiency like never before with VITAM AMO Weather Stripping Seal Strip for Doors/Windows. Our premium-quality adhesive weather stripping is designed to keep out unwanted wind, water, light, and sound, making your living space more comfortable year-round. With a range of impressive features and benefits, this sealing strip is the ideal solution for enhancing your home’s insulation and reducing energy costs.

When it comes to maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home, every detail matters. That’s where VITAM AMO Weather Stripping Seal Strip comes in. This self-adhesive seal is perfect for doors and windows, effectively sealing large gaps ranging from 5/16 inch to 15/32 inch. Say goodbye to drafts, leaks, and unwanted noise with this versatile and easy-to-install weatherstripping.

Product Features:

  • All-Weather Performance: Our weatherstripping is made from specially formulated EPDM rubber, known for its outstanding performance in low-temperature environments. It won’t freeze or crack under extreme conditions, ensuring year-round reliability.
  • Versatile Application: Whether you need to seal gaps on the inside or outside, for residential or commercial doors, VITAM AMO weatherstripping has you covered. It’s perfect for doors, windows, car trunks, hatches, electrical enclosures, coolers, lids, and more.
  • No Tools Required: Installation is a breeze with our self-adhesive seal. Simply peel off the yellow film to reveal the strong sticky substance, and you’re ready to go. No need for tools or special expertise.
  • Soundproof Design: Our sealing strip features a unique design with multiple holes that serve a dual purpose. Not only do they reduce sound transmission, but they also absorb and dampen noise. Plus, these holes help minimize the force between the door and frame during closing, resulting in quieter door operation.


  • Enhanced Comfort: Enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment with reduced drafts and temperature fluctuations. Our weatherstripping helps you maintain a consistent and pleasant temperature year-round.
  • Energy Efficiency: By sealing gaps and preventing energy loss, this weatherstripping can significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs, saving you money over time.
  • Easy Installation: No need to hire professionals or invest in expensive tools. You can easily install this weatherstripping yourself, quickly enhancing your home’s insulation.
  • Noise Reduction: Say goodbye to unwanted outside noise. The soundproof design of our sealing strip helps create a quieter and more peaceful living space.


Upgrade your home’s insulation, reduce energy costs, and enjoy a quieter living environment with VITAM AMO Weather Stripping Seal Strip for Doors/Windows. Our high-quality EPDM rubber, user-friendly installation, and exceptional soundproofing capabilities make it the perfect choice for any home. Experience the benefits of improved comfort and energy efficiency – order your weatherstripping today!