10 Creative Living Room Built-Ins With TV Ideas

Your living room is the heart of your home, where cherished memories are made and shared. It’s essential to create a space that not only reflects your style but also maximizes functionality. One innovative way to achieve this is by incorporating built-ins with TV setups.

These custom-designed units not only provide a streamlined and organized look but also offer ingenious storage solutions. In this blog, we present 10 creative living room built-ins with TV ideas that will elevate your interior design game and make your living room the focal point of comfort and style.

Wall-to-Wall Entertainment Center

Optimize your living room’s wall space by installing a floor-to-ceiling entertainment center with built-in shelves and cabinets. This grand built-in provides ample storage for books, décor items, and media accessories, while the central space accommodates your TV. Choose sleek, modern finishes for a contemporary look or classic wood tones for a timeless appeal.

Hidden TV Console

Conceal your TV when it’s not in use with a cleverly designed hidden TV console. This built-in idea features sliding panels or artwork that conceals the TV, transforming it into a decorative element when switched off. When it’s time for entertainment, the panels slide aside to reveal the TV.

Fireplace and TV Combo

Create the ultimate cozy ambiance by combining your TV with a fireplace built-in. This dual-purpose unit serves as a focal point, providing warmth and entertainment simultaneously. Customize the fireplace surround to match your living room’s theme, whether it’s rustic, modern, or traditional.

Alcove Media Unit

If you have an alcove or niche in your living room, capitalize on the space by installing a custom-built media unit. The alcove provides a perfect spot for your TV, while additional shelves and cabinets maximize storage potential for your media collection and decorative items.

Floating Shelves with TV Mount

For a minimalist and space-saving approach, opt for floating shelves with an integrated TV mount. These sleek and contemporary shelves offer an open and airy feel to your living room while providing display space for your favorite art pieces and décor.

Bookcase TV Surround

Combine the functionality of a bookcase with the entertainment appeal of a TV by creating a bookcase TV surround. Frame your TV with built-in bookshelves that not only display your beloved reads but also create a sophisticated and balanced focal point.

Corner Media Center:

Make use of corner space by installing a corner media center with a built-in TV. This design is perfect for small living rooms, as it optimizes the often underutilized corner while offering storage and display space.

Recessed TV Wall:

Achieve a seamless and modern look by recessing your TV into the wall. This sleek built-in idea creates a clean and uncluttered appearance, with the TV blending seamlessly into the overall design of the room.

Custom Display and TV Unit:

Integrate a custom-built display unit with your TV setup to showcase your cherished collectibles, family photos, and artwork. This unique combination of display and TV unit adds a personal touch to your living room while keeping it organized.

Multi-Functional Built-In:

Create a multi-functional built-in that houses your TV, storage, and even a mini bar or workspace. This versatile design optimizes your living room space, making it a hub for various activities without compromising on style.


With these 10 creative living room built-ins with TV ideas, you have the inspiration to transform your living room into a space-saving, functional, and stylish haven. Whether you prefer a grand entertainment center, a hidden TV console, or a versatile multi-functional unit, the possibilities are endless.

Embrace the customizability of built-ins and elevate your living room’s design while enjoying the convenience of clever storage solutions. Let your imagination run wild, and create a living room that truly reflects your unique style and needs.