Creative Vanity Jewelry Organizer Ideas to Declutter Your Dressing Space

Are you tired of untangling necklaces, searching for lost earrings, and struggling to keep your jewelry organized? Look no further! In this blog, we bring you nine fantastic DIY vanity jewelry organizers that are not only easy to make but also budget-friendly.

With a touch of creativity and a few common household items, you can transform your vanity space into a jewelry haven.

Say goodbye to the frustration of misplaced jewelry and hello to a stylish and clutter-free setup that showcases your precious adornments. Let’s dive into these simple yet ingenious DIY projects that will revolutionize the way you organize your jewelry collection.

Vanity Jewelry Organizer Ideas

Here are nine DIY vanity jewelry organizers that are easy and affordable:

Ice Cube Tray Jewelry Organizer


Repurpose an old ice cube tray to organize small jewelry items like earrings, rings, and pins. The separate compartments will keep everything neat and easily accessible.

Pegboard Jewelry Display

Mount a pegboard on your vanity wall and add hooks and small shelves to hang and display your jewelry. This versatile organizer allows you to customize the layout as per your needs.

Picture Frame Earring Holder

Take a decorative picture frame, remove the glass, and attach a piece of mesh or wire in its place. Hang your earrings through the holes, and you’ll have an attractive earring holder.

Cardboard Tube Bracelet Holder


Use empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls to create a bracelet holder. Simply stack the rolls together, glue them in place, and paint them in your favorite color.

Corkboard Necklace Organizer

Attach a corkboard to the back of your vanity or inside a drawer. Insert pushpins into the cork to hang and display your necklaces without them getting tangled.

Mason Jar Ring Holder

Clean and decorate an old mason jar, then fill it with cotton balls or foam. Stick your rings into the cotton balls, creating a lovely and functional ring holder.

Drawer Divider Jewelry Trays

Use small storage trays or containers with dividers to organize your jewelry in drawers. You can find affordable options at dollar stores or online.

Repurposed Dish Rack Jewelry Stand


Find a tiered dish rack or spice rack and repurpose it as a jewelry stand. The multiple tiers will provide ample space to store and display your jewelry collection.

Shoebox Lid Jewelry Organizer

Take a shoebox lid and cover it with fabric or decorative paper. Insert small hooks or knobs to hang your necklaces, and use small containers to keep other jewelry items organized.

The Bottom Line

Organizing your jewelry doesn’t have to be a daunting task, nor does it require breaking the bank. These nine DIY vanity jewelry organizers offer a delightful mix of creativity and practicality. From repurposing everyday items to crafting personalized displays, there’s something for everyone to try.

By implementing these affordable and accessible solutions, you can bid farewell to the days of messy jewelry drawers and tangled necklaces.

Embrace the joy of effortlessly finding your favorite pieces and appreciating the beauty of your collection. So, get your crafting tools ready and say hello to a well-organized and charming jewelry space!